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Farm holidays in Heinfels

Our animals and history

Get to know the farm life with all its traditions
on our history-charged hereditary farmhouse.

Spend your holiday on a farm in Heinfels East Tyrol together with cattle and calves, pigs, sheep, hens and one rooster. Help us feed the animals and relish freshly laid eggs as well as biological milk, self-made bread and farm butter, delicious sausages, bacon and ham, fruity jam, golden honey and fresh veggies from the local garden.


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A travel through time

  • Family name: Pitterl (traceable to 1664)
  • 1777: Joseph Pitterle buys a quarter of the Kofler possession and the farm “Hofer” starts.
  • 2 sons of Joseph are being ennobled, promoted to knighthood and the emblem of today’s local house is conferred.
  • In the following years, the house is being promoted to the youngest son of the family, to son Anton Kasimir, then to his son Johann and eventually to his son Anton.
  • 1912: a change in names (from Pitterle to Pitterl) happens.
  • Anton, who never learnt how to write and therefore never made his Testament, dies at the age of 58 and leaves his widow Anna and nine children (the oldest only 6 years of age) behind.
  • Until 1930, the house is led collaboratively, the eldest son Johann (grandpa) gets the inheritances from his siblings and leads it until he hands it over to his son in 1970.
  • On the 15th of August 1977, he receives the certificate of inheritance, which is received if a farm is in the hands of one family for 200 years.
  • 1997 is the year in which Peter-Paul takes over the farm and the house. Since 1999, they led 21 hectares of landscape. In the course of time, house and buildings were renovated and extended. Instead of Simmental cattle breeding including milk delivery, we now prefer the Tyrolese grey cattle and pure suckler cow husbandry as a sideline. Two pigs, a few sheep and chickens extend the livestock.
  • With the renting of the Alpine chalet and the farm holiday experience since 2012, we established a new main pillar.
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